The Star Power of Johnny Hallyday (Jimi Hendrix Was His Opening Act)

The Star Power of Johnny Hallyday (Jimi Hendrix Was His Opening Act)

Tell me about your start in music.

I was 16 when I made my first record. I didn’t want to be a signer. I wanted to be an actor, and I went to theater school in Paris, but it cost a lot, and the people who raised me didn’t have much of money. So I started playing rock ’n’ roll at dance clubs on the weekends to pay for acting class. And then I became a singer.

You said “the people who raised me.” That would not be your parents?

My father left my mother when I was six months old, and my mother was a model and she couldn’t take care of me. So the sister of my father took care of me, and she had a daughter who was a dancer, who was married to an American named Lee Hallyday. They took me on tour with them. My name is Jean-Philippe Smet, but I took Johnny Hallyday because they called me John. I was raised by an American.

Is that why you’ve always been drawn to American rock? And do French interpretations of American songs?


Mr. Hallyday in 1971. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Yes. My favorite musicians are American. In the early ’60s, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. After that, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and after that, Rick James a little bit. And Jimi Hendrix.

You know, he was my opening act for a while. I discovered him in London at a club one night. I was with Otis Redding, and we were eating at the restaurant of the club, and we heard that incredible guitar. We went to see who was playing, and it was Jimi. I was about to start a tour in Europe, and I needed an opening act and said, “Do you want to do it?” And he said, “Yeah.” So he toured with me for six months, and we became friends.

After he did “Hey Joe,” he said, “I have a version I’m not using. Do you want it?” I said, “Yeah.” I went to London and recorded “Hey Joe” in French, with Jimi Hendrix playing acoustic behind. It became a No. 1 hit for two months.

After that, he became — well, you know about Jimi. He started to take all those drugs, and then he died. One thing I miss in my life is Jimi. Jimi was one of my few best friends. I hate drugs for that. Drugs take all the good fellows I know.

Do you like being a star?

No. No, not so much.


Well, because it’s difficult to live a life being a star. I was so young when I started. I really feel like I missed my adult male life. Like being with a woman — being a star has spoiled everything. I mean, I cannot live a normal life with a woman. A woman who wants to have children. I would love to have a normal life, with a wife and kids I could take to school, but I don’t know if I’d be able. It’s difficult to find a woman, first. I’m trying, I hope before I die I’ll find her.

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